Prearranged Funeral Plans

R.L. Leintz, a licensed funeral home who offers plans for prearranged funerals. You may wish to simply record your wishes and desires in writing with the funeral home or completely plan and pre-fund a funeral.

If you wish to also fund the funeral costs, the funding can take place in a number of ways:

If a person wishes to pre-fund a funeral it should be noted that Kansas is what is referred to as a "100% Trust State". This means that all funds for a prearranged funeral must be placed in a third party trust account and not held by the funeral home. The funds would be deposited at a financial Institution or with a Insurance Company. The funds deposited still belong to the beneficiary/purchaser. All growth or interest should remain in the account so the fund may accrue in order for the funeral home to issue a guarantee at the time of the purchase.

Why do people prearrange?

It is not a preoccupation with death. It is being prepared. Perhaps the best reason is TIME. You have the time you need to talk things over and ask questions. The time you need to make choices without undue stress.

Possible reasons to prearrange

If you have further questions about pre-arranging a funeral, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us.