Answers to Prearrangement Questions

What happens if I pay a funeral home for a funeral in advance?

Those funds are placed in a trust account either through a financial institution or an insurance company. The funeral home may issue a guarantee that the funeral is paid in full. This means you pay today’s prices and lock in that cost against any increases in the future.

Can I pay only part of a funeral in advance?

The purchaser may choose to make a down payment or purchase the Services or Merchandise portion in advance. If the purchaser decides to make a down payment, the funds are placed in a trust account and will be used towards the purchase of funeral expenses at the time of death. If the purchaser chooses to purchase the Services or Merchandise portion of a funeral, the funds would be placed in a trust account and the funeral home could issue a guarantee for the portion purchased.


What if I would decide to move or change funeral homes, can I do that?

Along with Kansas being a "100% trust State", the funds in a trust account intended for burial are 100% portable. The trust account would be paid to the funeral home that provides funeral services for the purchaser. However, it should be noted, if a person moves a trust account, the guarantee issued by that original funeral home does not have to be honored by the funeral home that provided those services at the time of death. However, if the costs for a funeral were equal or less in total costs at the new funeral home, the funds would be adequate to cover the expenses at the time of death.


What happens if the funds in the trust account are greater than the funeral expenses at the time of death?

Kansas law dictates that any excess funds remaining in trust accounts intended for burial must be returned to the estate of the individual following the payment for the funeral of the purchaser. However, if an assistance situation was in existence, such as Medicaid, any excess funds must be refunded directly to the State of Kansas through SRS.


Can a person make payments towards a funeral?

Many insurance companies offer payment plans to secure a funeral plan. They are usually designed to be paid for a specific amount and a specified amount of time and then the funeral is paid in full upon completion of the payment schedule. Many of the insurance companies that specialize in pre-paid funerals have a few health questions. Health, age and gender will dictate an amount to be paid in the way of premiums as well as the amount of the funeral expense selected or funded.


Does anyone or an agency supervise these trust accounts?

Prepaid funeral contracts are under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Secretary of State in Topeka, KS. Each funeral home must declare pre-paid contracts on file every two years at the time of their establishment permit being renewed. Each funeral home is subject to an audit selected at random by the Secretary of States Office at any time during its normal course of business in any given year.


How do I contact you for more information?

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